PAVO Tower is the second project of Mercon Developments hitting the New Capital City!

Step into the luminous embrace of Nurai, where the essence of

“the Moonlight” illuminates not just the night sky, but the very

soul of urban living. Here, Mercon unveils more than just a

residential project; it unveils a vision of enchantment and

wonder. Introducing a timeless experience, where every corner

whispers tales of beauty and illumination. From its contemporary

architectural marvels to its unparalleled amenities, Nurai

embodies Mercon’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Design Concept

The design of PAVO Tower is serving as an addition to the urban context of the new capital by adding a new design concept and execution to the CBD area!
PAVO Tower architecture and design guarantee a unique user experience, where the design serves the residing businesses’ needs and provides a special atmosphere for the commercial and administrative.

Flying Offices

PAVO Tower is introducing the first flying offices in The New Capital City!
Experience the majestic panoramic view of the iconic tower and the mystifying feeling of floating in the sky in your working space at PAVO Tower!

Panoramic view

Experience a panoramic view overlooking the iconic tower!
When you choose PAVO Tower for your business, you choose a new business lifestyle with an investment opportunity!
PAVO Tower is constructed with a new identity for Façade utilization and usage of the glass facades to a panoramic view with 65% of the building overlooking the iconic tower.


Throughout the upscale retail areas, PAVO Tower provides a unique walk-in experience. You can easily find your preferred food, outlets, banks, and the majority of service providers that you might need here.
Chill O Chill out places for a casual dining experience.
This commercial venue is a meeting place for business & pleasure!


PAVO Tower is built on the contemporary style of design & architecture that is portrayed in every inch in your administrative office!
To ensure you a new business lifestyle indulged in pleasure, comfort, privacy and functionality.


PAVO Tower is located in the Central Business District, land no.26 in New Capital in an idyllic location with a panoramic view to the iconic tower!

It’s simply where you’ll have a luxurious investment for your business with an outstanding, modern lifestyle experience with all the facilities and services you need in one place!

Exceptional Facilities

Rooftop Deck

Outdoor Spaces and Terraces

Panoramic View

ATM Onsite

24\7 Security monitored with surveillance systems

Valet Parking

Care Service and Maintenance Service

Underground Parking

On-site Maintenance and Engineering Services

Fire Control

Escalators and Elevators

Central AC

Concierge Services


24/7 Attended Lobby

Service Corridors

Storage Areas

Land Scape & Outdoor Areas

Air Quality & Temperature

Video Surveillance

Automatic ID Gate

Praying room

Fitness center

Children playroom

Conference room

Meeting Room

Social lounge

7/24 CCTV Cameras

Floor Plans

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Main Head Office

M3, North 90 ST, Fifth Settlement ,

Cairo Governorate, Egypt, 11835.

, Egypt.
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

Hotline: 15033